How long have you been at HMDS?
I’ve been creating hair alongside the best in the biz here at The Disco since Late 2018
What part of your job would people find most surprising?
That I am here to give love in the form of great hair. I make personal connections and try to accentuate personality and individual style with my hair do’s!
How would your co-workers describe you?
Always a laugh, easy to relate to, tell your dreams to or be supported by… and also some of the ‘best’ dance moves.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“What someone thinks of you, is none of your business”
What do you love about working at HMDS?
Being part of a caring family of creatives and professionals. Having my hairstylist dreams supported and nurtured.
We’d describe him/her as?
Edgy, fun, practical… a little quirky with a whole lot of awesome. Probably the best blowdries in Brisbane, but don’t believe us, try for yourself.
Star sign?
Sagittarius in every form, energetic, fiery, practical, adventurous, a learner and a knower.
What’s your signature hair statement?
Contrast, high impact blonde hair, bright colours, pastels and a style cut to match.
Fave dance tune?
Taylor Dayne- I’ll be your shelter

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