How long have you been at The Disco? I used to work at The Disco for just short of 4 years and have recently come back to my Disco home. I’ve been back since July 2022

What’s your signature hair statement? Healthy, beautiful hair that is low maintenance. I also can never pass up lived in blondes and dimensional brunettes

Who’s hair would you love to get your hands on? Kyle Richards

Star sign? Virgo obviously

Career highlight? Either working with Jen Atkin at HairExpo or being nominated for a AHIA

How would your co-workers describe you? Caring, honest, helpful, dedicated and above all funny (or so I like to think)

Who is your Celebrity crush? Zac Efron. Always.

What do you love about the Disco? Everything! Our clients are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I come to work everyday excited and happy to be around my co-workers because they are some of the most supportive, uplifting and all around amazing people ever.

I always cry at? Everything lol anything that will pull at the heart strings, it’s like a flood gate

Fave dance tune? Anything Shania Twain and she’ll be having a boogie

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